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Sustainable Office / 2019


AIA Delaware - Merit Award -  2020


SEA Studio's office will be the first building in the state of Delaware to be certified as Net Zero by the International Living Building Institute when the registration is completed in 2020. 

The building started as a renovation of a small two unit condo built in 1969. The original structure was deconstructed and the original framing elements were reused in the new office. The old aluminum siding, gypsum board and concrete were diverted to local recycling plants to reduce waste from the renovation.

The new building is skinned in two inch thick cork siding which is a rapidly renewable resource that also has a strong insulation value that improves the thermal performance of the office making it a more comfortable, energy efficient and beautiful place to work. 

Scott Edmonston,  AIA / SEA Studio

Travis Wirengo / Landscape Architect

MacIntosh / Structural Engineering

Island Construction / General Contractor

Halkin Mason / Architectural Photography

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