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The Studio

SEA Studio Architects is a nationally recognized, award winning architecture firm based in Bethany Beach, Delaware.


At SEA, we are committed to designing green spaces throughout the region that meet our clients' needs and budgets. We aim to significantly reduce the environmental impact, carbon footprint and life cycle cost of every building we design by selecting local, sustainable materials and by employing passive and active design strategies that make our buildings and spaces more comfortable, beautiful and energy efficient places to live and work. 

A party in the back yard of a modern architecture studio

The Team

A young, tight-knit, growing practice located in Bethany Beach, Delaware. The team at SEA is focused on establishing an honest architectural language in a unique, rapidly evolving coastal region, which has otherwise been void of critical design thinking throughout its recent development. In the office, and within the firm’s radius of influence, SEA has spearheaded an advancement of sustainable architectural practices, along with an elevated concentration on human-centric design. Such values have landed Scott and his team with seven AIA Delaware Awards over just the past several years, and the firm’s primarily residential portfolio has quickly expanded to now include a variety of community, commercial, and cultural project types in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. An emphasis on hand drawing, collaboration at all levels, and an acceptance to all ways of thinking about design are just a few of Scott’s other practice-based principles contributing to his own and his team’s recent and continued success.

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