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Delaware Botanic Garden Concepts

SEA Studio is working with the Delaware Botanic Gardens to add two buildings to complement the DBG's beautiful native plants meadow designed by renown landscape architect Piet Oudolf.

From the DBG newsletter: "The Annette Pennoni Pavilion (concept pictured above) will be located adjacent to the Piet Oudolf Meadow, overlooking this most important DBG garden feature. Scott Edmonston and his team are working with Pennoni’s Mark Davidson, to develop the design plans for the Annette Pennoni Meadow Pavilion. Early sketches are below. We will be initiating a fundraising campaign to build this creative structure in time for the 2022 season.

On April 21, the Board approved the Entry Garden restrooms design (pictured above) ... prepared by Scott Edmonston’s SEA Studio Architects... One of the exciting aspects of the Edmonston’s restroom design and plans is that they will be “green” to protect the natural environment. We are engaged in fundraising so that our guests and staff can have the benefit of permanent restroom facilities, perhaps before the end of this year.


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