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Layton Residence - South Bethany Beach, Delaware

Layton Residence / 2016

AIA Delaware -  Merit Award - 2018

Delaware Today - Best Modern Architecture 2018

Marvin Integrity  - Red Diamond Award - 2017


Delaware Beach Life - "Contemporary But Cozy" -  2017

Delaware Today - "..Delaware Architects' Big Night" - March 2017

Delmarva Daily Times - "South Bethany House Wins National Award" 


The Layton Residence is a four bedroom, three and a half bathroom, new home built on a residential street along the banks of the canal system in South Bethany Beach, Delaware. The owners wanted a modern, sustainable and fun beach retreat where they could spend summers with their three kids and frequent guests.

While the owners wanted a modern aesthetic, the town code required a minimum 4:12 pitch for all roofs. Flat roofs were allowed over the stair hall and covered porch. The lot is subject to occasional flooding due to strong nor’easters so the building code required the living spaces to be at or above the 100 year flood plain. To minimize the potential impact from future storms, the living level was raised three feet above the flood elevation, while the entry level was kept a few steps up from grade to maintain a strong and welcoming connection to the street level.

Scott Edmonston,  AIA  / SEA Studio

Shay Gallo Construction  / General Contractor

Rachel Kapner / Interior Design 

MacIntosh Engineering / Structural Engineering

Todd Mason / Architectural Photography

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